Dog Walking Services / Comfort breaks and Sitting



DOG WALKING  – Solo to meet the individual needs of your dog


We Tailor our dog walking services so that your dog gets the most from their walk.

A solo walk means your dog gets to enjoy the walk at their pace, they can stop to take in the great sniffs along the way & have as much space to themselves as they like or need. If they enjoy socialising they can still greet and sniff out friends along the way, in just the same way as they do with you. Whilst receiving our undivided love, care and attention. Happy doggies


The added benefit : –

If they aren’t feeling up to their walk that day, we can simply change to a home visit, so they dont miss out on company & a toilet break. ( Especially helpful for the more senior doggies )


Upon return from our walks wet dogs are towel dried & dirty feet are washed & dried too.

We then settle them in at home and change their water, we can also include feeding too if you would like.

Updates are provided after your dog’s walk,  so you can see they have enjoyed themselves, giving you peace of mind.

Doggie diaries are available instead if you prefer, so you can read back through from time to time



20 mins – £5.50 – Ideal for the little ones & the seniors

30 mins – £6.00
40 mins – £7.00
60 mins – £9.00



Extra Dog £1.50 for 20 mins / Extra dog £2.00 for 30 mins / Extra Dog £2.50 for 40 mins / Extra Dog £3.00 for 60 mins

Treats and poop bags are provided but we will use your treats if you prefer.



COMFORT BREAKS ( 20 mins ) – £5.00


These are ideal if you just need someone to nip in and give your dog a break in the garden and some food and clean water whilst you are away from home.






This service is ideal if you are out for a day. As we come to your home and spend time with your dog, giving them company, fuss, play, feed them, change their water and a walk too if you would like.

Its also ideal for those doggies that can’t manage a long walk but do enjoy having company, as our visits can be split into a walk & company back at home. ( walk duration to suit their needs ).



20 mins£5.00
30 mins£6.50
60 mins£8.00


Example: A 60 minute visit, could be a walk of 30mins and then the other 30 minutes spent at home, for play, fuss and company.


Each visit is tailored to your dogs needs, so please enquire if you feel your dog would enjoy a service that gives both the opportunity of exercise and home company or if you feel they would enjoy the company at home without a walk. We’re here to help.



We also provide updates after our visit, so you know how much they have enjoyed themselves.




PUPPY POP-INS – £6.50 For a 30 minute visit


These are helpful If you need to be out for a day, we can help by continuing your routines for feeding, care, socialising & play, we will also clean up any mishaps & as they progress walkies can be introduced too.




AREAS IN LEICESTER WE COVER  – Braunstone Town, Braunstone, Leicester Forest East, Rowley Fields, West End, Dane Hills, Western Park, Newfoundpool, Thorpe Astley, Glenfield, Braunstone Frith, Kirby Muxloe & Ratby.

Please enquire if you are outside these area’s as we may be able to help but may need to charge additional mileage.

Additional mileage fee ( £0.45p per mile )


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you found it helpful x