Cat Sitting & Feeding



CAT SITTING – Everything your pussycat needs at home.


Most Cats don’t normally like to travel & often get anxious away from home,thats why we come to them.

Keeping them surrounded by their own familiar things & smells, following your routines for, feeding, changing water, Cleaning litter trays & more all helps them to feel more relaxed whilst you’re not there.

We also delight in giving them lots of fuss, love, attention, pampering & brushing too if they like it, all for added enjoyment.

After each visit we provide you with an update , so you can see what your pussycats have been doing and that they are being well cared for. Giving you complete peace of mind.



20 mins-£5.00

30 mins-£6.50

60 mins-£8.00




Ideal if you are out for the day be it work or pleasure & need your pets feeding, giving some attention, changing their water, checking they are ok & cleaning litter trays too.

PRICES : – As Above




If you have an appointment or need to be out for a day, we can help by continuing with your routines for feeding,care and socialising. Our visits last for half an hour and will also include play, fuss and cleaning up any mishaps and cleaning litter trays too.




All these services are available for a Day, Weekend or Holiday and are all tailored to your cats individual needs, for their happiness and for your peace of mind.


Care, Feeding, changing water, cleaning litter trays, Play, Fuss, Companionship, Attention and lots of love are all part of the standard service we provide but please feel free to ask for anything else you would like to be included, as we are devoted to providing the best care possible.


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you found it helpful x