Hi and welcome to Buddys4Pets Petcare Services in Leicester


We offer a variety of Petcare Services including dog walking, cat sitting, pet feeding visits and pet sitting to help care for your pets while you can’t be there.

Whether you are working long hours, have a business trip, going out  for a day, special occassion, appointment, weekend away, holiday or just need a helping hand.


  • We are 3 friendly, caring ladies who are qualified, experienced, Insured, DBS & PNC checked & have plenty of references. We take great pride in providing a caring professional service that you can trust and rely upon.





Our dog walks offer undivided attention, play, care and love to your dog(s).

We feel this gives them a fun and stimulating time, whilst ensuring their walk is  tailored to meet their needs.

There is also the added benefit of being able to change their walk to an in home visit for company and a toilet break if your require, your dog doesn’t need to miss out if their needs change.

The Dog Sitting service we offer could be the ideal solution if your dog enjoys company but can’t manage a long walk. We can simply split the visit in to a combination of a walk and company at home. With the duration of the walk to suit their needs.




Many pussycats don’t like travelling & often get anxious away from home. That’s why we come to them to provide all the care and love they need.

Keeping them surrounded by all their familiar things & smells & following your routines helps to keep them relaxed.

For added enjoyment we delight in giving them love, care, attention, play & much more.

All helping to make their time without you stress free and happy. Giving you peace of mind.







  • Ideal if you need someone to just nip in check they are ok, feed and change water and refresh litter trays for cats and give garden access for dogs.


  • RABBITS, GUINEA PIGS & RODENTS – Also cared for please enquire for further details


  • All our Petcare Services are tailored to the individual needs of you & your pets. So that they get the most from our visits or walks and so that you have peace of mind.


  • We provide regular updates with texts & photos, so you can see your pets are happy & being well cared for.





  • We provide extra security for your home too, by making your home look lived in. Taking in post, opening & closing curtains/blinds. Putting lights on & off and putting bins out and taking in – All free of charge.


  • Our vehicles DON’T have signage on them & we DON’T wear uniforms, so we DON’T draw attention to ourselves or your property. (We appear as friends popping in to see you all).


  • Upon your return home, keys will be returned to you in person – not posted through letterboxes, this is to continue with the security of your home & safety of your pet(s).



Thank you for your visit to our page and we hope you found the information useful x